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We are a centralized industry specific skilled and executive talent research organization with a simple yet comprehensive solution that drives a holistically successful organizational design, through partnering with its people, the market and particular workforce analysis. Our strategic approach has been programmed to reach to the heart of real-life human capital scenarios, envisioning powerful insights into talent attraction, development and retention in one place.


Constantly evolving mechanism to advance and requires upbeat and competitive planning to capture some of the critical skill to reach business innovation objectives. Academically and technically qualified in technology, our executive recruiters ensure you are leveraged with the best people where they are needed, and are well informed about present and future industry trends in your forte.


Classification of technology with divisional sectors that include physical and biological structures to address societal and consumer needs. We are constantly monitoring the markets and partnering with some of the most empowered individuals in this specialized arena, envisioning a fruitful path and talent mapping strategies, leveraging benefits for all our business partners.


A system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. We take pride in learning all about the processes involved in this fast-paced industry, the delegation of executive leaders, and competitive markets. Our executive search intelligence endeavors mark us the best in headhunting projects delivery.


Multi-dimensional and targeting both financial intermediaries and markets, our extended value of the commercial interests outspread through legal, property, revenue and research. Our knowledge of the industry measures to infinity and allows our technically qualified headhunters to bring about the best talent advisory for your organization, marking you the most preferred employer in your tribe.

Our Promise

The Merged Africa brand stands for your people, the workforce that is naturally a major wheel for a functional organization. We envision absolute talent market intelligence through innovative job classification and design, talent channeling, then search and headhunting solutions. Our promise is to deliver solutions with excellence through a valid and approved plan, closely monitoring each phase for high level and quality outputs for every project.


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