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Success Profile Design Intelligence

The forever fluctuating market encourages vital ongoing assessment of the business satisfaction of short to long-term objectives that stands for its  undertaking and devotion, which are greatly influenced by its people. It is imperative to evaluate the resources and competences that are essential in boosting a valid organizational change required to enhance strategic business goals. The Merged Africa team assets an organizational design and classification strategy that can assist clients in reviewing existing resources and processes, thus creating a foundation for an adaptable organizational change.

Succession and Planning Intelligence

For a business to turn into success requires asserting in its workforce, together with a thorough acknowledgement of client and stakeholder desires. Absolute requisition for top talent remains top-notch since establishments contest for the small puddle of high caliber candidates. Merged Africa partners with businesses to bring about comprehensive workforce and succession planning tactics. Our focus will discourse matters like work conditional concerns, opportunities to evaluate job responsibility delegation, forecasting, career mapping and the necessity to improve on current recruitment and retention strategies. Workforce and succession planning stands to be a continual strategy for human capital management.

Recruiting and Staffing Intelligence

We have designed executive search strategies that assist our clients pick and place suitable talent, for the best moment. Our value for money services will help construct a super-efficient workforce and withstand competitive organizations. We ensure you entice the best people and consequently lead you through your workforce staffing requirements as necessary. Our offerings boost years of verified involvement bringing value for money practices to permit our clients to successfully recruit, assess and obtain a talented and fueled workforce. Merged Africa offers an inclusive selection of talent acquisition solutions, however, though we showcase a cohesive method to talent acquisition and placements, we give our clients absolute flexibility to select a product that suit their exact desires at a specific time. Our project specialists will arrange for a meet and greet to evaluate your specific needs, thus customizing your chosen services.

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